Aviation Decals and Exterior Design Layout

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AircraftStencils  is the design company that
will bring your ideas to life.
Working one-on-one with aircraft owners and
customizing designs to perfect your paint scheme ideas. We have experience in designing the smallest aircraft all the way up to commercial airliners.

The starting point for any design is a collection of information. This information will help us become more familiar with your vision of the finished product.

Our customer service representatives will take you through the design process and will show you the options and help you make decisions. Once a connection is made with the customer, sharing ideas and details will be exchanged. A private Web site will be established for easy viewing anywhere you find yourself  with a connection to the Internet to show the process to others that can help your decision. Each project is unique.

Here are a few renderings to impress upon you the range of simple to complex designs.
Simple Design: Consist of 2 colours and very traditional look.

Complex Design: Consist of 3 or more colours. Intersections of colours need more attention.


Designing and delivering a satisfactory final design to the customer is the ultimate goal.

Wild And Over The Top Design: these designs are more passion driven and resale value is not what they have in mind. Very specific designs.


Before starting the design gather the following details:

  • Aircraft type
  • Combination of colours and how many
  • Type of design: Factory, Simple, Complex or Over the Top
  • Split belly design? or not?
  • Registration number
  • Logos that you wish to have presented
  • Any other special decal markings
  • newspaper cut outs or links

Recommended Hints:

  • Are you selling this aircraft soon? Don't go to wild!
  • Always link the interior colours to the design
  • medium color tone are more desirable
  • polish anything that is possible to polish, example spinners, latches, etc,

Contact us and start bringing your Project to life.

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15 Responses to Aviation Decals and Exterior Design Layout

  1. Glenn Austin says:

    I am looking for a stencile for painting my registration number "N48KY" 12" high and per FAR 45.25 and 45.29.

  2. sam says:

    Glen, i sent you an email showing you the option.



  3. Billy Copeland says:

    Looking for the P-51 stacks decal for an RV-8  and the gun ports on the wing
    B. Copeland
    N880BC  RV-8

  4. Trent says:

    I am looking for stencils for original Piper Super cub.scheme. 1970's model.
    Red on white.

  5. André savard says:

    I want a cessna f406 stipped and plainted 
    With  –

    Remove flight controls
    ·  Remove fiberglass components
    ·  Mask for strip
    ·  Strip aircraft
    ·  Unmask aircraft   
    ·  Metal prep aircraft  ( alumiprep )
    ·  alodine aircraft 
    ·  Mask for paint
    ·  Prep fiberglass components
    ·  Paint fiberglass components
    ·  Prime aircraft for paint
    ·  Apply base color ( white )
    ·  Perform stripe layout ( 2 stripes )
    ·  Mask for striping
    ·  Paint stripes
    ·  Balance flight controls
    ·  Unmask stripes
    ·  Install flight controls
    ·  inspection
    What is the downtime and price ?
    André savard 
    Air St.- pierre 
    St.-pierre et Miquelon 

    • sam says:

      Hi Andre, you will get contacted with a quote, in the quote you will have all the information you need to make a decision.


      Best Regards

      Sam Chamas

  6. Shawlimar Little says:

    I was wondering was is your price range on a 2×3 stencil of the blacksheep patch.


  7. Sergio says:

    Dear Sam, I'm looking for painting stencile to paint my Cessna 175. I have the scheme and my intention is to use 2 colors,

    Thanks a lot for your kindly answer.


    • sam says:

      Sergio, email me the design layout, i will review it and see if it possible to make a painting mask from it.



  8. Carole Singh says:

    I need 1 stencil for painting mural, no weeding, self adhesive, cheapest product available, one time use, with branding for your company.

    This is basic design, I will wrap an utility box and paint the black and designs as a stencil.

    Approximate 45″ x 120″ each section is the side, will be 45 ” wide.


  9. Matt says:

    I’m looking for a taylorcraft “bullet” stripe in dark forest green.

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